For a single or first value the : can be placed on the same line after ; where subsequent values must be placed on separate lines. Markup Renders as s HyperText Markup Language /s HyperText Markup Language Templates: strikethrough samp samp. Markup Renders as Definition Templates: dfn em Further information: MOS:italic. If you want to escape this, replace with amp or use source lang"text" instead. Markup Renders as HyperText Markup Language HyperText Markup Language HyperText Markup Language HyperText Markup Language.

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This is red text. Attributes and values: dir Specifies the text direction. Plainlist creates an unbulleted list. Markup Renders as HyperText br / Markup Language HyperText Markup Language Templates: break adds multiple line breaks. Lists Further information: Help:List and MOS:list Do not leave blank lines between items in a list unless there is a reason to do so, since this causes the MediaWiki software to interpret each item as beginning a new list. Obsolete/deprecated elements Main page: Wikipedia:html5  Obsolete elements and attributes These elements are now obsolete and deprecated in html5, but still supported by browsers. Prepends space if there are attributes. Turns broken or invalid entities into plaintext. Html in pages can be checked for html5 compliance by using validation.

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must include one or more descriptions. dd are used to create a description list (formerly definition list) with terms and descriptions. Markup Renders as samp HyperText Markup Language /samp HyperText Markup Language Templates: samp applies monospace styling, and gives the text in dark grey to distinguish from code ( code ) and input ( kbd or kbd ). s is used to indicate content that is no longer accurate or relevant and that has been struck from the page. Markup Renders as p HyperText Markup Markup Language /p HyperText Markup Language HyperText Markup Language Wikimarkup: Separate paragraphs by a single blank line. The MediaWiki software automatically adds the xml:lang attribute whenever lang is defined, but xml:lang will no longer be passed when included as a separate attribute.

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Markup Renders as ins HyperText Markup Language /ins HyperText Markup Language kbd kbd. bdi isolates the content from the surrounding text-direction settings. p tag places content into a separate paragraph. Attributes not listed here are not allowed by MediaWiki 1 : class: one or more classifications to which the element belongs. td defines a data cell with contents that may include text, links, images, lists, forms, other tables, etc. Markup Renders as 'HyperText Markup Language' HyperText Markup Language bdi bdi. Double"s all attribute values. var formats text in italics to indicate a variable in a mathematical expression or programming context, or placeholder text that the reader is meant to mentally replace with some other literal value.

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Markup Renders as hr / Wikimarkup: use - Markup Renders as - Templates: hr Comments Further information: WP:comment!-.- formats the enclosed text as a hidden comment. Help:Wikitext for wiki equivalents to html tags not otherwise discussed below.) And html is useful outside of articles, for example for formatting within templates. Examples include: output of a program, script, or Wikipedia template; status displays or audio announcements made by an app or device; file system directory listings and samples from them, such as paths and file names. Markup Renders as code HyperText Markup Language /code HyperText Markup Language Templates: code uses syntaxhighlight. Parser and extension tags For a machine-generated list, see.

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Lekkende kutten sex westland This is another paragraph in the same item. ruby marks spans of phrasing content with ruby annotations. Id: unique identifier for the element.
Jongen zoekt sex youtube erotische massage In MediaWiki, pre is actually a parser tag and not html, but the function is the same. A best practice is to use the proper syntax. This is a new definition in html5 in the previous XML implementation cite was used to contain a citation or a reference to other sources. In most browsers, gratis telefon sex bornholm sex it renders as italic.